Here’s’ an interesting and inspiring story about corporate inventiveness and good citizenship.

If you grew up playing with Legos, then you know that half the fun of them is in sharing your creations with others Adults, of course, have plenty of platforms to share on, but those platforms don’t tend to be kid-friendly, and because of that, Lego has designed a space just for kids 13 and under.

Their new Lego Life social media network is functionally similar to Instagram, but offers a greater degree of security by ensuring that no personal data is ever shared. The system is kept kid-friendly by a combination of smart filtering and heavy moderation.

The idea is that by creating the platform, kids can create to their heart’s content, then share what they make by taking a picture of it and uploading it to the site via the app that was invented to access the network.

Early indications are encouraging, and the new service is being embraced at a brisk pace in the countries it has been rolled out in thus far.

The app is available in both Android and iOS platforms, and is available to kids in the US and Canada in North America, and the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria in Europe.

The genius of this idea is that Legos are not, and will never be considered to be high tech toys, but by embracing the concept of social media, the company has found an innovative way to increase awareness of the brand and engagement with its customers.

If Lego can do it, then there may be opportunities for your business to do something similar, whatever industry you’re in.

In any case, it’s very good to see, because it means that yet another generation will grow up exercising their imaginations, courtesy of this excellent venerable toy.

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