Content marketing is no longer just about driving customers like cattle to your front door. It’s also not about making sales or feigning interest in a customer’s life to make them buy something from you. It’s about using properly acquired insight and intelligence to create and publish the correct content – content that actually matters to your audience – so you can build good relationships that actually matter with people you really care about.

Start with Being Authentic

When you communicate with your potential clients, you need to do it in an authentic way. This does not necessarily mean you communicate with them like you would as an individual, but as you would as the company you represent. No customer wants to interact with someone who is just trying to advertise under a thin veil. If you aren’t informative and you don’t ensure you put your customer first with your communication, you will be negatively impacting your company. Customize your conversations, and make sure you represent your brand’s promise well.

Variety and Frequency

Your challenge is to provide a stream of ever-interesting content for your audience. The best way to engage your audience consistently is to provide your audience with different levels of content. Maybe one day you do an infographic about something in your niche, and the next day you do a video on a different topic. Make sure you are consistently changing it up, even if your customers favor one type of media or another.


You could be giving out the best advice anyone has ever seen – if it’s not relevant for this time and place in history, no one’s going to care. Let’s take Amazon for a good example here. Amazon uses the user’s history at the website to make recommendations on what the user may want to buy. If someone just bought kitchen supplies, it wouldn’t make any sense to show them video games. It would, however, make sense to show them other household items. Even though you’re not speaking to your customer, your actions say enough on their own.

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